You Cannot Secure What You Cannot See

Increase application visibility for better security with Fluency®. Application Visibility is a critical aspect to addressing today’s threats.  We know that the common network infrastructure does not work well in seeing application attacks, and your network cannot defend itself from what it cannot see. Fluency's patented technology provides a fundamental shift to how your network detects and responds to application threats.  We know that attackers must use the lines of communication to your assets. The vision Fluency provides into this communication is an essential aspects to protecting your network.

Today’s security methodologies are data-driven.  Fluency collects, processes, correlates and presents more data than any other network tool.  This means better vision, faster insight and better security.  Fluency’s data is fused from security & system alerts and your network’s communication. Fluency drives decisions with a more holistic view of the networks activities, both detected and undetected. 

There is no security product today that fuses network flow commands and responses with security alerts.  Fluency continues to win innovation recognition from RSA, CRN and the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for this very reason.  The Department of Defense, Rapid Reaction Technology Innovation Outreach Program listed data collection, aggregation, correlation and  visualization as a primary need.  

What is clear is that security application vision is the greatest need for organizations.

Alert Heat and Histogram

Fluency is security network insight based on today’s technology.

  • Real Time Analytics
  • Aplpicaiton Profiling
  • Full Agnostic Flow Fusion 

Fastest Correlation Engine in the Industry

A big data infrastructure allows interactive search over an extremely large data set.  While traditional SIEM technology is pressed to show fused attributes of a session, Fluency provides it in milliseconds.  Analysts require multiple such searches as the analyst scopes and pivots.   Fluency cuts the time from hours to seconds. Improving response time while lowering analysis costs. And this is not because Fluency is managing a smaller data set, just the opposite.  Single node servers can handle a 200k EPS and eight (8) billion events a day and can be clustered to handle more.

Correlation Empowers Perspective

As a customer said to us, "We thought we were locked down. Now I need to scold some users." No man is an island, and no security product is either.  Fluency is designed to integrate with other products to gain multiple perspectives over the same event. Correlation is performed at the flow level and through "edges".  Edges provide furhter insight into the relationship between people, systems and applicaitons.
By 2016, 25 Percent of Large Global Companies Will Have Adopted Big Data Analytics For At Least One Security or Fraud Detection Use Case

Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture for Protection From Advanced Attacks Gartner

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Big Data Analytics

Data analytics is critical for reducing cost of security operations.  So what really does it do? It cuts down on the noise and false alerts; Correlates the high-priority alerts across activity providing the big picture; and creates the backbone to agile response allowing you to stay ahead of malicious actors and activities.
The results show that a probability of a material data breach involving a minimum of 10,000 records is more than 22 percent.

2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis IBM

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