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Cyber Resilience in an Ever-changing World

Businesses are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with new technology, business models, and infrastructure expansion, creating a challenging and constantly changing environment that must be secured.


Fluency is a streaming analytics SIEM platform that delivers risk-prioritized insights from across your environment so you can stay agile in a rapidly changing world.

Trusted & Award Winning

Patented technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & performing alert analysis in memory to cost‐effectively meet speed and compliance requirements.​

Who We Serve

Fluency Security enables any organization with compliance requirements and long-term data retention needs to build a robust security operations program. With flexible deployment options, open API architecture, and interoperability across technologies, Fluency integrates into diverse customer environments. Our solutions scale to meet the needs of highly complex and regulated organizations without disruption.  Our solutions are ideal for:

Managed security providers safeguarding infrastructure for multiple clients. Fluency’s multi-tenancy architecture separates client data while allowing centralized monitoring and management.

Organizations with complex security environments composed of many different point solutions. Fluency seamlessly integrates data from diverse security tools to provide unified visibility and control.

Heavily regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, and government agencies that must adhere to stringent compliance regulations and often require retention periods ranging from 90 days to multiple years. Fluency provides the auditing, reporting, and access controls needed to prove diligent security practices.

eCommerce, retail, and other businesses needing to secure high volume customer data. Fluency scales to handle billions of events and petabytes of data.

Organizations with high bandwidth networks and high events per second workloads. Fluency is built to retain high performance and millisecond query response times under heavy data loads.

Our Partners

Fluency provides a comprehensive solution that powers the metrics, efficiencies, and budget predictability making it the right choice for MSSPs who truly want to make business and value-based decisions around their offerings. 

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