About Fluency

Engineering as the Foundation of Value

The Short Answer

Fluency Corp is a pioneer in security audit and automation technology, Fluency® delivers unmatched speed, data retention, and storage capacity not available through other SIEMs. Some of the nation’s leading financial, healthcare, and government entities rely on Fluency’s patented technology that unites Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with the ability to retain and organize data to meet regulations and support investigations in sub-seconds – not minutes or hours. The result is a smarter, continually-improving view of your network, host data, and device alerts. Fluency’s customers routinely praise Fluency for making data useful while simultaneously offering a uniquely cost-effective subscription-based pricing model with by-default 90-day and 365-day storage options. Founded in 2013 by former McAfee threat intelligence executives, Fluency is headquartered in College Park, Maryland.

CEO/Founder Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan founded Endeavor Security, a cutting-edge, threat detection and analysis company focused on helping enterprises and governments protect their most sensitive networks. Acquired by McAfee in 2009, he then continued with a role as Vice President of Threat Intelligence. Well known for establishing some of the largest Government security operations centers, Chris changed his career, starting a security service company in 2003 and a research & development company in 2004. Both companies have since been acquired, and with retiring from McAfee in 2012 founded Fluency® with longtime friend and coworker Kun Luo.

CTO/Founder Kun Luo

Serial technologist Kun Luo was the CTO Endeavor Security, which was acquired by McAfee. Kun is well respected in the security development community for solving hard problems. While many people say cutting edge, Kun’s passion for innovation goes far beyond what others consider the edge. This passion includes significant research and development in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Kun spends significant time analyzing technology changes and enhancements in technology, not just security. The result is tightly designed code written specifically for its need with better stability and performance than what can be obtained by relying on integrating open source libraries.

We Work for Our Customers

What Makes Fluency Plain Better

Fluency is carrier class log management built from the ground up. From our release of LavaDB at the RSA innovation sandbox in 2015, to our cloud version of Fluency’s Aladdin, an on-demand streaming database, Fluency continues to truly innovate not integrate.

The results of hiring coders, not just integrators and interface writers, shows in Fluency’s unmatched 1.2 million events per second. The database is designed for streaming, focusing ingress of data and speed of searching. Our efficiency translates into lower costs and productive operations. Fluency patents cover not just databases, but correlation and scoring.

Compliance does not mean boring.

Fluency is an enterprise class central log management solution built from the ground up to run in the Cloud.

Our official release of LavaDB, at the RSA innovation sandbox in 2015, set new database efficiency and speed standards along with Fluency’s Aladdin, an on-demand streaming database. We continually are focused on innovative improvements ensuring our clients always are a step ahead of their peers and threat anomalies.

Our scalability is impressive with our sustained 1.2M EPS (events per second) new record. Key to our innovation is our leading edge programming staff focused on staying ahead of our competition versus just doing integration or interface writing.

Our patented database is designed for full speed streaming, focusing on the ingress of data feeds with 8:1 compression ensuring all sources of data are analyzed, including the new IIoT (industrial IoT) feeds. These design points not only improve our speed of searching data but help drive efficiencies resulting in lower operating costs and improved workflow.

Fluency's innovation doesn't stop with our database but rather continues with our patented correlation and risk scoring ensuring analyst can quickly dismiss false positives and focus on high threat anomalies.