2019 Texas Cyber Summit was a Hit!

by Christopher Jordan

Oct 21, 2019

The Fluency team recently traveled to San Antonio, Texas to attend the 2nd annual Texas Cyber Summit, where nearly 1,500 fellow industry leaders and cybersecurity influencers gathered to exchange ideas and solutions for emerging security threats.

The event has nearly doubled in size since last year, likely bolstered by San Antonio’s ranking as the second largest cybersecurity workforce hub in the United States. Al Wissinger, senior client relationship executive for Fluency, shared the importance of deep vision and data flow with conference attendees, garnering a series of questions after his lecture in the main ballroom.

“It was crucial to be able to speak to the particular nature of Fluency with the folks in the room, and how urgent these issues are when taking current events into account,” said Wissinger. “Having received excellent questions and feedback from the audience, it tells me the work we do at Fluency is only becoming more relevant to people who know they need a better way of managing their logs and network flow.”

The Summit’s primary aim is to create a meeting place for up-and-coming cyber professionals and established industry experts to identify the next generation of leaders in the field. As a company operating at the threshold of log management technology, the Fluency team built relationships with the many professionals and company representatives in attendance. This was precisely what Joseph Mlodzianowski, conference founder and director, sought to achieve.

“I believe in paying it forward and bringing people together of like minds and even different minds by interjecting some camaraderie and some outside thought into the entire process,” said Mlodzianowski. “We’re trying to bring our future operators, defenders and researchers up in the field by bringing in people that are experts here.”

Fluency CEO and founder Chris Jordan also was on hand for the Summit, providing the kind of industry knowledge Mlodzianowski is looking to share with attendees. As opposed to other vendors, Fluency is able to efficiently retain and organize data to meet regulations and support investigations in a matter of seconds, in addition to being among the most affordable central log management option on the market today.

Identifying and discussing mutual interests between larger companies and smaller institutions was a central focus of the Summit, as exemplified by executive roundtables and activities that encouraged Summit-goers to confront cybersecurity challenges from a more unified front.

“We had a number of really large organizations in the room where we talked about how you share threat intelligence, not just on a municipal level necessarily, but on a smaller regional level,” said Red Thomas, conference director of operations.

Fluency praises the open-minded mentality present at the Summit, which allowed for not only formal interactions between industry colleagues, but more casual conversations on issues of common concern among all members of the cybersecurity community. Here’s looking to the next event in 2020!