Fluency Blog COAR – The Next Big Leap in Security Analytics

COAR – The Next Big Leap in Security Analytics

For millennia the actions of hunters and the hunted have changed over time. Evolution drives physical change in both the predator and its prey to provide them superiority either in hunting or evading being captured. Moving forward in time, one finds the “cat and mouse” game in virtually all competitive arenas including sports, business and healthcare, to name a few.

In current times, this back and forth evolution continues in the cybersecurity space with bad actors (hunters) targeting victims with ransomware to cyber espionage (prey). The constant one-upmanship between ever changing technological advantages continues to accelerate at an incredible pace. For example, the emerging market of artificial intelligence and how malicious bad actor states are throwing massive resources into its utilization. Everyday new methods of breaching are developed and then used.

One constant in this whole game is log data and advanced log data from API’s. Agility is an imperative for tools when using these data points to grasp what is happening within a company’s collective environment. It’s critical that all data points are tracked to secure the most comprehensive quantitative correlation possible of events and flows. Incrementally fusing this resulting data and providing comprehensive scoring of risk adds up to actionable insights with strong qualitative analysis supporting it.

Fluency Security is moving the log management analysis needle forward beyond SIEM and SOAR to COAR – Cloud Orchestration, Automation and Response. Fluency’s ability to source all data from cloud to on-premise to network flows allows Fluency the ability to provide true evolutionary vision for clients into what is happening in real-time with on-the-fly forensic analysis of what just happened. Fluency provides Ground Truth.

Shouldn’t your organization’s security posture evolve by stepping out of your legacy SIEM comfort zone and take Fluency for a spin (via a proof of concept) to see how the future is happening now for log management and security analytics?