Fluency Blog Fluency Partners with Fortify24x7 to Sponsor the Tampa Tech Summit

Date Nov 22, 2019

Fluency Partners with Fortify24x7 to Sponsor the Tampa Tech Summit

Fluency showcased the dynamic capabilities of its central log management system at the recent Tampa Tech Summit, where leading cybersecurity and IT professionals gathered to dive into challenges facing the tech industry. Fluency was proud to co-sponsor the event, where it showcased its proprietary LavaDB database to IT personnel from many companies across the region. A key element of Fluency’s ability to work with clients large and small is its partnership program, with Fortify24x7 being one of Fluency’s strategic MSSPs. The collaboration demonstrated the value of MSSPs working together to enable greater levels of access for clients seeking to effectively gain control over their data.

“Fortify24x7 has been a fantastic MSSP partner from the start, and our goal in this relationship has been very simple -- to focus on the customer experience while enhancing their security posture,” said Al Wissinger, Fluency’s senior client relationship executive. “We do everything possible so that our MSSPs can successfully engage with the customer.”

Fluency’s flexible and real-time collection of data makes it particularly scalable for companies and institutions accumulating large amounts of information at an unprecedented rate. Data is not only meticulously logged in Fluency’s self-described “data river,” but is linked to the device from which it originated, allowing organizations to easily track down how and where their employees are accessing data and what threats are trying to come in. Additionally, data compliance regulations already have begun to have a significant impact on Big Tech, illustrating the complexities of properly storing personal data in a legally required manner. For smaller or mid-size organizations, taking on the challenges of exponential data growth while achieving data compliance may be biting off more than they can chew -- making MSSPs all the more integral to IT departments that require a more expansive suite of security solutions protecting their data.

This is where Fortify24x7 steps in, successfully empowering clients with the option to outsource their security needs to proven experts whose sole purpose is identifying, preventing or handling cyberattacks along with remediation. Fluency’s long-standing relationship with Fortify24x7 has made them an enticing option, particularly as clients of all sizes and industries rush to migrate to the cloud. Accessibility to the powerful data storage capability Fluency provides is a game-changer for businesses seeking to grow their customer base, since without it, compliance becomes nearly impossible. Fortify24x7 seeks to be the conduit to this kind of change by partnering with Fluency, especially as the data landscape experiences continual transformation, strategic MSSP partnerships will become all the more crucial to keeping up the pace.

“We look forward to continuing to co-sponsor events like the Tampa Summit with Fortify24x7 and other Fluency business partners in the future,” Wissinger said. “Our MSSP relationships are part of what makes Fluency a great platform to work with, and we hope to add more to further support client needs.”