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The only SIEM that is fully compliant to Sigma Rules and Capable of running them all with no performance hit or cost increase, making every analyst an expert.

Fluency is also the only pure real time SaaS SIEM. Fluency watches data as it is collected, while traditional SIEMs store data and then search a database to detect. Fluency maintains state and alerts immediately upon a match. Stateful detection allows for machine learning and historical correlation to improve the accuracy, therefore reducing noise and alert fatigue.

Request a 30-day challenge. We can show you how to get intelligence into data sources from your networks, SD-WAN, endpoints, remote users, and Cloud. Fluency's patented Event Watch system allows expertise to be expressed in real time stateful rules. With over 1500+ rules to start, Fluency increases the expertise of your staff to understand its infrastructure.  


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