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Fluency Programming Language: Enabling Automated and Unified Security

Security teams today face an increasingly complex threat landscape along with a heterogeneous environment of siloed tools and data sources. These challenges make threat detection, investigation, and response incredibly difficult and manual for analysts. Fluency provides a next-generation platform and programming language purpose-built to overcome these problems. 


Real-time Streaming Analytics

Real-time Streaming Analytics
Legacy SIEM solutions rely on a flawed model of ingesting data into a lake and then running queries and searches afterward. This introduces delays between data arrival and critical threats being detected. Fluency leverages real-time streaming analytics to watch and analyze data as it flows into the system. Threats and anomalies are identified instantly rather than waiting for batch queries to run. 

Fluency's streaming analytics allow much faster incident detection and response. Analysts gain the upper hand against attackers by identifying risks preemptively rather than always playing catchup

Automating Workflows with FPL

Fluency Processing Language (FPL) is the code behind Fluency's platform, designed specifically for security operations. FPL provides the full capabilities of a programming language to query, manipulate, and analyze data from any source. This allows complex workflows to be automated across an environment.

With FPL, organizations can access hundreds of APIs and data sources in seconds as opposed to manually connecting disparate tools. 

Repeatable tasks and processes are encoded into code rather than analysts reinventing the wheel. This automation enables understaffed teams to accomplish more.

Unified Visibility and Detection


Fluency offers unified visibility and access across all data sources in an environment. Whether it's log data, databases, cloud APIs, or more, Fluency can seamlessly query and correlate across them using FPL. There are no limitations around data format or location.

This holistic viewpoint allows more intelligent threat detection that spans across silos. 

Analysts can hunt for threats and anomalies throughout the environment using a single lens. Triaging and investigating incidents become rapid when all context is readily available.

Get a Demo Today

Fluency's platform and FPL language provide the capabilities needed to automate, unify, and streamline security operations. Analysts are empowered to identify and respond to threats with speed and precision. To learn more about revolutionizing your security with Fluency, request a demo today.

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