Fluency Partners

Ensuring Customer Experience

Our Program

Fluency’s partner program provides the essential education & support, sales & technical training, marketing and technical materials with a focus on the elimination of unnecessary administrative tasks. Since inception, our goal is simple – focus on the partner and the customer experience. Fluency provides all the materials and support necessary to ensure our partners are well educated and engaged through the process of supporting the customer. Fluency is dedicated and committed to working with the channel to provide the best possible user experience.

Go to Market Strategy

Fluency is a Cloud-Based (SaaS) Subscription Offering with a minimum 12-month agreement. Managed Services are available for inclusion in Fluency subscription sales if desired by the end user. Fluency maintains a growing network of MSP partners. Resale partners may qualify to provide Fluency managed services with the proper training and technical resources and facilities to accommodate always-on operations.

Provide value, compliance, efficiency, and customer ROI.

Fluency Proof of Concepts (POC) run two (2) weeks and typically up and running in 30 minutes.

Partnership Levels/Requirements

Two-tiered program - Gold and Silver

First twelve (12) months new partners receive Gold status to aid and shorten ramp time and maximize benefits.

Deal Registration Program.

Complete Fluency new partner sales and technical training.

Incredibly Powerful

Support for Partners

Deal Registration Program. A solid program providing price protection for investing time and resources to educate potential customers.

Creative and collaborative joint-marketing initiatives.

Marketing materials focused on educating the customer, such as case studies and technical white papers.

Proof of concepts (POC) are encouraged and welcomed with established success criteria.

Pre-Sales/Post-Sales Support, including Fluency, supported sales calls. Fluency is dedicated to the customer experience.

The Fluency team is committed to providing the support our partners need including participation in campaigns, meetings with Fluency CEO, presentations and live demos of the interface.

Partners are provided reduced-price cloud services and premise equipment. Fluency encourages partner to establish their own customer demonstrations.

Partner Commitment and Strategy

Keep it simple.

Fluency’s vision and goal are for 100% of sales to be through our partners.

Sales and technical training provided to ramp each partner. Fluency provides the sales and technical training needed to proficiently sell Fluency and add value to every potential customer.

Contact Our Sales Program

To discuss a partnership or for additional information, please contact directly collin.miles@fluencysecurity.com or al.wissinger@fluencysecurity.com