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Download: Real-Time Security - Fluency's Flow Model Defines Next Generation Behavior

Updated: May 18, 2021

The evolution of next generation SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) tools has been a long and slow road with minor advances along the way until now. Today, the SIEM solution by Fluency Security surpasses existing tools on the market with its full SaaS operation, zero-search and unlimited scalability approach.

Fluency has spent many years building, testing, and redefining our comprehensive cybersecurity approach. The enterprise-grade Fluency SIEM is trusted by numerous government agencies, financial institutions, insurance and medical industries. Fluency is a trusted partner who understands your business and data protection needs; it’s a constant evolution that needs constant updating with the latest techniques. Our solution solves the latest enterprise needs and brings enterprise capability to the SMB market space.

Download PDF • 342KB

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