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Fluency Named a Silver Sponsor of Hybrid Dallas CyberSecurity Conference on Aug 11 at House of Blues

Organized by FutureCon Events, this year's hybrid Dallas CyberSecurity Conference takes place August 11 both online as well as at the House of Blues located at 2200 N Lamar Street in Dallas, TX. Fluency is proud to serve as one of the event's Silver Sponsors.

The conference aims to help cybersecurity professionals discover the latest, cutting-edge security approaches while also educating attendees, including C-suite executives and CISOs (chief information security officers), on the global cybercrime epidemic and how to build cyber resilient organizations.

Al Wissinger, Fluency's Managing Director of Strategic Solutions, is set to attend from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (including the Bourbon & Banter Happy Hour). Schedule your post-show demo of Fluency Security's powerful behavioral security approach by emailing Al Wissinger directly at Once you've completed your Fluency Security demo, we'll send some official Fluency swag your way.

Fluency is the fastest way to gain control of your infrastructure and understand its behaviors. With the most behavioral rules, machine learning, and real-time detection, nothing comes close to the visbility that Fluency offers. Be sure to connect with Al while at next week's event and schedule your demo today.

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