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Master  Streaming Analytics

to leveraging analytics to provide clear action.
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from visibility into collecting, parsing, processing, and routing your data ...

Safeguard Your Business with Ease

with Fluency SIEM, the only pure streaming analytic SIEM.
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Minimize Issues

Identify, investigate, and remediate potential issues with a streaming analytics approach and risk-prioritized alerting.

Accelerate response

Accelerate analyst workflows with documented processes for incident handling 

Stay Agile

Rapidly adapt with the comprehensive visibility you need to keep up with business innovation


Obtain visibility and control in collecting and moving you data.

Big data projects often fail in being able to maintain a continuous and observable infrastructure. Fluency Platform parsing, metrics, processing, and visibility into a complete easy-to-use package.

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Excel at the Business of Security

Create differentiated solutions

Per-user pricing that aligns with your business

Fluency is built for partnership.

Rapid, seamless migration


West Networks
Fortify 24x7
PTP Cloud
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Real Time Alerting

Empowering Organizations of All Sizes

Seamless Integration

Fluency can be seamlessly integrated with your current architecture, allowing you to easily introduce new services. 

Fluency partners receive access to demo licenses, product support, sales training, marketing support, and lead sharing.

"The team developing and supporting the tool is great. They are accommodating and responsive and always take the time to listen to concerns, feature requests or queries.


The tool is easy to deploy and has a very short runway to start delivering valuable results and insights."

Tim W.

Global Director of Security Operations

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Keep up with the latest trends, tips, and best practices in security operations. 

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