Scale Expertise, Not Complexity

Complexity is the Enemy of Security

Bruce Schneier said, "Complexity is the Enemy of Security." When we make things complex, we increase error and risk. By providing clarity to operations, we increase its efficiency and effectiveness. This lowers the cost while improving quality.

Fluency simplification of the SIEM focuses on the ability to scale expertise. By having a simple process that allows people to articulate what they want to be notified on and how they want to receive a notification, Fluency changes the operational paradigm from hunting IP addresses to managing security issues for users and assets.

Gone is complex scripting. Fluency behavioral rules are predefined and easily modified without requiring any programming or database knowledge. Fluency streaming analytics are backed by the industry’s fastest big data database, allowing alerts to be backed by detailed information to support a responder's ability to understand the problem so that it can be addressed.

Gone is the manual process of tracking and chaining audit logs to determine a user, system, or container. Fluency’s User-Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) enhance and track data by figuring out the user and asset. Instead of a log of IP addresses and agent identifies, Fluency provides consistent user name and asset names across the diverse infrastructure.


Clearly Powerful Behavioral Analytics

What true Streaming Analytics means to you?

Fluency provides the industry's only pure streaming analytics providing real-time results.

Immediate Alerts

While Fluency's database is 50x faster, our streaming analytics occurs before data is ever stored. Analysis and detection occurs immediately.

Inherit Expertise

Fluency comes with behavioral rules for the most popular cloud services, network devices, and endpoints. 

No Scripting

Fluency EventWatch system uses a point and click process definition to perform the selection and algorithm assignment used in behavioral analytics.

I regain 35% of my workday with Fluency! ... Several unique features set Fluency apart from other offerings in the SIEM space. These features include behavior profiling which aggregates scores from individual risks into a single risk metric. This approach lets the Security Analyst focus on high-risk events requiring immediate action, while low impact or routine events are archived for later review.
Tim Duncan

IT Manager, EventCore


We've Come a Long Way

Fluency is consistently recognized for its unmatched power, efficiency and cost savings. Winning multiple product awards from Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and Cyber Defense Magazine, as well as Stevie Awards for customer service excellence, Fluency stands as a true industry innovator.


Our Offerings

Fluency expands the traditional capacity-based pricing approach by adding per agent pricing too with our XDR offering. Simplicity is not just our interface, it's our costing model too. While large organizations benefit from capacity-based selling, small to midsized companies are better off with per agent model for its cost, predictability, and control. 


SIEM stands for Security Information Event Manager. A SIEM is priced and deployed by capacity. This works well for big companies. We leverage existing endpoint products, then we include network and cloud assets (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).


XDR stands for Extended Detection and Response. The focus on XDR is extending endpoint response to see email and cloud services. We work with select MSSP's to produced managed detection and response (MDR) providing endpoint technology, 7x24 detection, and response at a per agent price.

Full Year Searchable Data Retention

High Availability, High Durability 

Full onboarding support and ingress support

Behavioral Rule Base

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