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Award-Winning Cloud Security Information Event and Flow Management. What a SIEM should have been.

Audit Compliance

Compliance is not just saving everything for at least a year. Fluency handles data in a compliant manner making audit compliance achievable.

High Capacity

The core capability to any SIEM or CLM is its database. Fluency's LavaDB is the industry's most powerful database capable of processing millions of events per second while maintaining the fastest search speeds.

Ground Truth

Fluency's data enhancement, orchestration, scoring and full-record correlation provides ground truth and unsurpassed insight. With the ability to record and store all logs and flows, Fluency is more than about notification, it is about answers.


RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalist, Fluency has continued to receive accolades for our innovation and disruption.

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The Power of Privacy

Pseudonyms are the definitive security control to implement privacy. Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) is a major objective to companies who are serious about meeting compliance. Without pseudonyms, this is impossible. Fluency is the only log management system with pseudonyms built into its database.

Why Pseudonyms

With laws and regulations like GDPR and the upcoming California Consumer Protection Act, the ability to handle personal data correctly is no longer an option. Fluency has built Pseudonyms into the core of its database, the only log managment system to do so.


Built into Fluency's Database

Multi-Persona Portability

Field Based Access Control

Key Element to GDPR Compliance

Protecting PII

Road to Compliance

How data is handled provides compliance. Fluency provides the technical controls and a build-it process flow to support audit compliance.

Data Handling Process

We Are Compliant Log Management

Fluency Cloud provides a dedicated virtual private cloud. Data and access are kept separated and secured.

Data Retention

User and Device Association

Hot and Cold Searching

Full Access Records

High Availability

Virtual Private Clouds

Incredibly Powerful

Immediate Access to Your Data

Fluency provides limitless access to data, even as the volume data scales. Fluency Cloud is a process composed of messaging nodes that parse, index, correlate, enhance, fuse, score and store log messages. For our largest customer, Fluency processes eight to twelve billion messages a day, with spikes of half a million events per second. All done in a three-system cluster.

All messages are parsed into fully indexed JSON documents


Data Enhancement

Patented Correlation

Events of Interest


Our Awards

Fluency continues to gain industry recognition for it's innovation.

Ground Truth

Fluency created a new type of database, LavaDB, designed to handle streaming data, which matches exactly with what audit and flow data is. It is contrary to the popular static data lake style of the industry. Think of this as a data river. Using LavaDB, Fluency reduces the overall operational cost, while providing larger data capacity and faster speeds.

Event Processing Engine

SIEM designs up till Fluency are lazy. The approach was to parse the data and place it into a database where it is searched and analyzed by users and processors. There has been no innovation in the enhancement of data or the type of database. The result is a tremendous load on a generic database and a significant amount of data enhancement using static data queries. The result is a failure to scale, slow queries and limited realtime analytics.

We Lived that Failure

In the early days of Fluency, LavaDB was designed as in-memory database to handle the needs of the Event Processing Engine. But as the Engine scaled to handle hundreds of thousands of events per second, the Elastic database failed to do so. Even in mid-sized companies, the Elastic backlog caused delays measured in hours between when data was processed and when it was stored in the database. That was not the only problem. Elastic was designed before the cloud was popular. While it works in a lab, it required significant person-power to operate. Tasks like log rotation and system updates made it unusable for day-to-day operations. In order for Fluency to provide a usable business solution that could collect all our customers’ data, we needed to remove Elastic. We replaced Elastic with LavaDB, which has an innovative streaming design. This design choice separates Fluency, providing it superior capacity and searching not achievable with other SIEMs.

More than a SIEM

A SIEM is built to collect all the alerts and then ask the user to make decisions. This is like asking a pilot to fly a plane only on the warnings provided by the instruments. This is why a SIEM is unusable. What a person really needs is ground truth, the ability to collect and search everything. As the amount of data increases, Fluency aids the person by providing risk scoring and correlation. Fluency highlights correlated events that demonstrate attributes of confidence. Correlation includes known user and device information, making response faster and more intuitive. With ground truth the person has the supporting data to confirm and respond to an issue. The result is that Fluency aids in resolving an issue, not just list warnings.


The more information there is, the better the picture. People think that more data is overwhelming. But the clearer picture is the one with the more pixels, and this is true for data analysis. Fluency high-capacity approach provides the superior picture of your network and its security.

What are the Fluency Advantages

Log Management is not simply parsing and storing records. Fluency is built to provide answers. Fluency provides fast access to data through simple search. The result of FLuency is compliance and clarity.

Data Retention
Knowledge is Power

Frequently Asked Questions

Fluency makes audit compliance easy. But being compliant depends on understanding of what requirements need to be addressed and having people, processes and policies beyond the security controls Fluency provides.

- How long should my company keep its data?

First, you need to determine what regulations, laws or standards that your organization is addressing in its operations. PCI DSS sets the simplest data retention requirement with 90 days hot and one-year cold storage. New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) has set their standard at three years cold.

- Why or What is a Data Privacy Officer (DPO)?

A Data Privacy Officer is responsible for monitoring how an organization handles data. This includes being the authority on categorizing data and being a point of contact for compliance requirements and privacy.

- What is the difference between hot and cold data? Who cares?

Cold data is considered not immediately searchable. When data is stored for operations, the data should be immediately available for search. Searchable data is considered hot. But storing data in a data structure for searching is expensive and often unnecessary. PCI DSS defines that data should remain hot for a minimum of 90 days. After which, the logs still need to be stored if needed. This long-term not as easily accessible data is referred to as cold.

- How does privacy impact audit compliance?

Privacy creates complexity in the handling of data. While laws require that audit trails be immutable (cannot be deleted), new data privacy laws require that personal identifiers in audit be able to be deleted. When a user's identifying data is to be stored, the audit system stores instead a pseudonym (unique one-way token that acts as a key). The key and related value for that pseudonym are stored in a table that allows deletion. When a user's identity is removed, it is done by deleting the pseudonym key-value. This allows other log data not to be deleted, especially when it contains other pseudonym that are involved in criminal or incorrect activity. Pseudonym are not one-way hashes for the value can be determined by brute force, a mistake that some large audit vendors are making.

Our Prices

Data Retention is priced on a capacity basis. it makes sense, this is a company's cost of goods. The standard to measuring cost for log management is the cost to store one gigabyte of raw data for 30 days, or gb/month. Fluency has the lowest gb/month available. Cloud solutions typically cost between four to five dollars, this includes open source cloud services. This cost difference is why Fluency customers are able to store everything and be audit compliant.

Year One

$ 0.93 gb/month

90 days hot

Full year cold

High Availability

Full Support


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Extra Years

$ 0.11 gb/month

Extra Full Years Cold Storage

Indexed Stored for Fast Reload

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Their security audit and automation offerings provide the insight needed to discover and resolve network issues and are a great addition to our portfolio of leading-edge security solutions available to Tech Data partners.

Brett Scott

Director of Security Solutions

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