Address what Prevention Misses

Fluency is behavioral detection across your entire infrastructure providing notification when prevention fails. Each time you receive a phishing attempt or a fake voicemail, it should act as a reminder that Microsoft 365 and other cloud services are insecure. Attacks, like stolen credentials, can only be detected by behavior. Fluency excels at behavioral detection. 

Being able to detect and respond to behavior is the only way to secure when prevention fails. You cannot patch the cloud, nor can you run antivirus. To be secure, you need to gain visibility into behaviors. For example, you need to validate that only known administrators perform privileged commands. There is a long list of behaviors that need to be watched, alerted, and responded to maintain security. Fluency learns and recognizes changes in behavior. 

Fluency is the fastest way to gain control of your infrastructure and understand its behaviors. With the most behavioral rules, machine learning, and real-time detection, nothing comes close. 


Clearly Powerful Behavioral Detection


Why Behavior Analytics matter?

You cannot patch the cloud. 

Immediate Alerts

While Fluency's database is 50x faster, our streaming analytics occurs before data is ever stored. Analysis and detection occurs immediately.

Insider Threat

Know when administrative activity is occurring from users who are not admins. Find when inactive users, hidden by an administrator, become active.

Compromised Accounts

In todays's web application environment, the greatest need is detecting when users' accounts are compromised.

I regain 35% of my workday with Fluency! ... Several unique features set Fluency apart from other offerings in the SIEM space. These features include behavior profiling which aggregates scores from individual risks into a single risk metric. This approach lets the Security Analyst focus on high-risk events requiring immediate action, while low impact or routine events are archived for later review.
Tim Duncan

IT Manager, EventCore


We've Come a Long Way

Fluency is consistently recognized for its unmatched power, efficiency and cost savings. Winning multiple product awards from Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and Cyber Defense Magazine, as well as Stevie Awards for customer service excellence, Fluency stands as a true industry innovator.


Our Offerings

Fluency expands the traditional capacity-based pricing approach by adding per agent pricing too with our XDR offering. Simplicity is not just our interface, it's our costing model too. While large organizations benefit from capacity-based selling, small to midsized companies are better off with per agent model for its cost, predictability, and control. 


SIEM stands for Security Information Event Manager. A SIEM is priced and deployed by capacity. This works well for big companies. We leverage existing endpoint products, then we include network and cloud assets (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).


XDR stands for Extended Detection and Response. The focus on XDR is extending endpoint response to see email and cloud services. We work with select MSSP's to produced managed detection and response (MDR) providing endpoint technology, 7x24 detection, and response at a per agent price.

Full Year Searchable Data Retention

High Availability, High Durability 

Full onboarding support and ingress support

Behavioral Rule Base

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