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Securing Your Real Infrastructure

Your infrastructure is bigger than your corporate network

Businesses do not operate the way they did ten years ago, so why does your SIEM? The frustration and fear that you feel is from building an infrastructure that your network security cannot secure. It never will because your infrastructure is bigger than your corporate network. It has expanded into the cloud, out on the road, into people’s homes and even with their personal assets. Today’s hybrid workforce is possible because you run an infrastructure, not a network. Why buy a SIEM designed for network security?

Fluency offers a complete approach. Fluency collects network data, including SD-WAN, but goes beyond the office, collecting cloud service data, like Office365 and G-Suite, and endpoint detection and response (EDR), like CrowdStrike and SentinelOne. Collection is only the first step, Fluency normalizes, error checks, validates, and fuses data. Then it runs behavior analytics and machine learning to find gaps in coverage between signatures and threat intelligence feeds. Finally, automated workflows empower automated and supervised responses improving operations efficiency and dwell time reduction.

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What is X-SIEM?

The Foundation of any SIEM is Ground Truth Awareness

The foundation of any SIEM is data comprehension. X-SIEM™ combines the features of Next-Generation SIEM (NG-SIEM) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) in a cross-platform framework. Fluency’s technology is built on the concept that disruptive technology can only be successful if it works, doesn’t break stuff, leverages what is already there, and deploys easily.

Our Fluency X-SIEM™ is just that, a cloud-based NG-SIEM. Fluency ingests network logs, endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, mobile, SD-WAN, and cloud data. It then provides the needed framework to alert, investigate, hunt, and respond to issues. Its automated case management system keeps analysts from being overloaded – creating unmatched levels of efficiency.

Additionally, Fluency's Behavior Watch engine provides the first phase of clarity by using live Lucene searches to select elements of interest. Streams of data are converted into understandable metrics displayed on customizable reports and dashboards. Each watch node generates histogram data for display and analysis, leveraging Fluency’s list manager to change cryptic codes into understandable language. Lists can also be updated by threat intelligence and used as an alternative to searching live data.

Our Awards

Fluency has consistently been recognized for its unmatched power, efficiency and cost savings. Winning multiple product awards from both Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and Cyber Defense Magazine, Fluency stands as a true industry innovator.

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Black Unicorn
Cyber Defense Magazine
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Cyber Excellence Awards
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Security Starts at the Endpoint

The ability to see and control your assets is the foundation of today's cyber security.

For years, the focus has been on the network protecting the endpoint – that is now changing. What should you be considering when selecting endpoint security products?

At Fluency, we strive to make our customers secure. Part of that processes is helping them understand how to implement good security. With more people working remotely from home, it is critical to understand endpoint security. We often say antivirus when talking about securing the endpoint, yet this term is completely outdated and will lead to a bad decision when considering what to buy to protect your endpoint.

Fluency in the News

Fluency continues to gain industry recognition for its innovation.

Automated Workflow

A Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) approach to structure alert management

Finally, it's case management done correctly. Your analysts can be protected from overwhelming alerts using Fluency’s workflow engine that keeps analytics focused on what is being addressed and what is new. No other solution offers a truly automated investigation process. Incoming alerts are first compared to existing alerts to prevent being bothered by variations of the same alert. Alert signals interact with the case workflow manager to ensure that incoming alerts are not a simple variant of a known case and if so are flagged accordingly. Cases are also grouped, providing a previously unavailable higher view. Analysts consistently praise the power of Fluency’s case workflow, as it keeps them informed and focused on actual high priority results. It only makes sense to measure results based on outcomes and not the number of alerts closed.

Our Price

X-SIEM™ is a traditional capacity-based pricing approach, while X-Complete is delivered with our MDR vendors as a per agent model providing our clients with a range of flexibility. Both versions of Fluency are cloud delivered with zero footprint. Fluency has the lowest gigabyte of stored data per month (Gb/month) available. Cloud solutions typically cost between four to five dollars per Gb/month, this includes open source cloud services. This cost difference is why Fluency customers can store everything and be audit compliant. X-SIEM™ uses a needs based tiered user model that makes cost predictable.

Multi-tiered Pricing

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All NG-SIEM Capabilities

Includes the cost of SentinelOne Complete with Heemes

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Virtual Flow Technology

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X-Complete is available with full services as part of FortifyXDR's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Their security audit and automation offerings provide the insight needed to discover and resolve network issues and are a great addition to our portfolio of leading-edge security solutions available to Tech Data partners.

Brett Scott

Director of Security Solutions

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