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Fluency Platform

An Operating System Approach to Pipelines

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Strategic Ingress with Fluency

Managing data effectively is crucial for any organization, but it’s often a complex and daunting task. The Fluency Platform offers an advanced data management solution that simplifies this challenge, providing a seamless and strategic ingress infrastructure. Whether you use a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system or not, Fluency supports your data management needs, making the process more efficient and manageable.

Observability is built into the pipe.

Fluency Solves Your Biggest Data Collection Challenges

Security monitoring is an exciting and rapidly transforming field. Fluency offers a fresh approach to challenges that have stumped our industry for decades. Until now, we've had to settle for writing scripts and API calls to collect data. This approach leaves us open to a number of issues that Fluency is able to resolve.


Inability to monitor the health of data: No visibility into whether the process is running or if there are speed or congestion issues.


Data transformation: Requires multiple steps to transform, enrich and deliver data, opening the organization up to error.              


Security complexities: There are many steps and potential points of failure around the management of roles, tokens and access.

Fluency performs realtime, streaming analytics across the data movement, identifying and triggering alerts if things slow down or stop.

Fluency streamlines the data transformation and enrichment process ensuring that it remains accurate and properly formatted. 

Fluency builds in security, seamlessly ensuring the secure delivery of data without interception or loss.   

Why Choose Fluency

Fluency delivers a holistic, platform agnostic approach to strategic data ingress. It is a better choice, both operationally and financially. 

Advanced Infrastructure

Our platform offers a strategic ingress infrastructure designed to support your data management needs.

Continuous Monitoring

Fluency provides continuous visibility so you are informed about the health and movement of your data at all times.

Futureproof your Architecture

Fluency is a generation-skipping technology that works with any SIEM system, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Data Ingress: A Continuous Process

Data ingress isn't just a one-time setup; it's an ongoing process that requires careful attention and management. Here’s why Fluency stands out:

  • High Availability: Ensuring your data is always accessible when you need it.

  • Continuous Data Management: Continually measuring the movement of data.

  • Security: Protecting your data at every step of its journey.

  • Data Location: Managing where your data is stored and processed.

  • Data Format: Handling various data formats effortlessly.

  • Data Enrichment: Enhancing your data to make it more valuable.

  • Data Delivery: Ensuring smooth and reliable data transfer.

  • Health Monitoring: Continuously tracking the condition of your data in motion.

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Operationalizing Data Movement

Fluency takes the guesswork out of data management by operationalizing the process. By measuring the movement of your data, Fluency provides insights that help you optimize performance and maintain data integrity across your organization.

Fluency provides notifications of stoppage, congestion, and predictive anomalies provide clear insight into problems that may impact your operations. 

Beyond the SIEM

Data management is a critical function that should be addressed outside of the SIEM. The Fluency Platform empowers you to handle data ingress independently, ensuring that your data is managed effectively without relying solely on your SIEM system.


Fluency Platform is a full developed stack. It is designed like an operating system for big data management. There are four basic tenants that separate from standalone solutions.


Be able to review the parsing of a data source, debug parsing, and correct it on the fly without loss of functionality.


Perform metrics on the stream. Measure with metrics, and alert on stoppage or congestion. Direct integration into Prometheus.


Go beyond queries with full code analysis. Use a full blown programming language to analyze the data stream.


Determine where to store data and send messages, to reduce cost and improve communcation.
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