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Fluency Platform

An Operating System Approach to Pipelines

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Observability is Just the Start

Fluency's Platform processes large volumes of data to properly parse, perform analysis, track metrics, and route messages. Furthermore, Platform can track and report on itself. Fluency Platform is a complete data processing solution.

Parsed data impacts the ability to perform analytics, metrics, decorations, and message routing on messages. Storing a message in a data store as an incomplete parse forces the resulting system to use significant resources to correct the message each time it gets accessed. This incomplete approach also prevents certain analysis as the system scales in size.

Observability is built into the pipe.

Always Be Running

Operations is not about working sometimes in a lab. Operations is about always delivering the answer. Fluency Platform delivers real time state visibility into your streaming infrastructure. 

Notifications of stoppage, congestion, and predictive anomalies provide clear insight into problems that may impact your operations. 

Fluency allows streaming analytics and metrics. Providing further insight then just raw data.

Stop Eating Junk

All coders know that "Garbage in is garbage out."  The problem with pipes is that we need to process the data in order to focus on the situation of the operations. 

Fluency Platform collects, parses, analyzes, notifies, and routes. Through this strategic design, we can achieve cost savings by intelligently directing data to more cost-effective destinations. However, there is more to just placing data in the right spot.

Fluency provides real time visibility and processing. It can compute the metrics and provide notification to the pipe and into properties within the stream. This provides the ability to add metrics and state insight, such as clogging, where before there was only raw data.

The recipe to healthy operations.
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Fluency's Programming Language is a full language to support coding of the pipes.

Providing a Fully Mature Solution

Fluency Platform is a full developed stack. It is designed like an operating system for big data management. There are four basic tenants that separate from standalone solutions.


Be able to review the parsing of a data source, debug parsing, and correct it on the fly without loss of functionality.


Perform metrics on the stream. Measure with metrics, and alert on stoppage or congestion. Direct integration into Prometheus.


Go beyond queries with full code analysis. Use a full blown programming language to analyze the data stream.


Determine where to store data and send messages, to reduce cost and improve communcation.
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