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Meet Fluency, the SIEM built for SOCs

Comprehensive visibility and in-line monitoring for complete, rapid response.

Efficient Investigations

Fluency Security revolutionizes SIEM by merging advanced risk scoring with rich contextualized alerting. We prioritize the most pressing threats by factoring in event severity, affected assets, user involvement, historical context, and more. Unlike traditional SIEMs that offer limited insight, Fluency provides comprehensive context—from user details to geographical data—enabling analysts to swiftly decipher alerts, reduce false positives, and allocate resources with precision. 

Empower your team to act swiftly and proactively with Fluency.

Architecting Unparalleled Visibility 

Fluency provides a single system for detection, measurement, and reporting across a complex infrastructure of networks, devices, Cloud, and services This visibility is enhanced by the ability to process security events in real-time.


Leveraging FPL, Fluency transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling rapid response to threats.

Fluency unlocks unified detection, real-time insights, and rapid threat response.

Effective and Mature Security Operations

Fluency helps keep processes and knowledge available to staff by providing a number of key features, including:

Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management system: Fluency's knowledge management system allows organizations to capture and share security knowledge across the organization. This helps to ensure that all staff have access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively.



Fluency's process automation capabilities help organizations to automate repetitive tasks, such as incident response and security reporting. This frees up staff to focus on more strategic tasks, such as threat hunting and risk assessment.



Fluency's collaboration tools make it easy for staff to communicate and share information with each other. This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that knowledge is not siloed.


Unparalleled Scale and Agility

Fluency Security's SIEM stands out with unmatched scale and agility. With FPL-powered in-memory processing, we guarantee rapid event analysis for real-time threat response. Our adaptable data platform manages vast data streams effortlessly, ensuring peak performance even in data-intensive scenarios. Additionally, our seamless integration with Machine Learning supercharges threat detection, fostering a constantly evolving and adaptive defense strategy. 

Fluency Security's SIEM stands out with unmatched scale and agility.

Real-time Event Processing

Fluency’s core strength lies in its ability to process security events in real-time. Leveraging FPL, Fluency transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling rapid response to threats.

Dynamic Data

Powered by FPL algorithms, Fluency pieces together seemingly disparate data sources, revealing hidden relationships that traditional SIEMs might overlook.


Fluency’s FPL engine dives deep into the semantics of security events, identifying patterns, anomalies, and context that contribute to more accurate threat detection.

Behavioral Profiling

By learning from historical data, Fluency’s FPL-based behavioral profiling creates dynamic baselines, detecting deviations that signify potential threats.

Contextual Insights

FPL empowers Fluency to add context to security alerts, simplifying and enriching the investigation process by providing relevant historical and contextual data.

Customizable FPL

Our proprietary FPL can be customized to meet your organization's unique security requirements, allowing you to fine-tune event processing and analysis.

Machine Learning Integration

Fluency seamlessly integrates with Machine Learning (ML) models, enhancing its threat detection capabilities through continuous learning and adaptation.


Fluency's FPL-powered in-memory processing ensures lightning-fast event analysis, enabling real-time response to threats.

Data Platform

Fluency's adaptable data platform easily accommodates high data volumes without sacrificing performance, crucial in today's data-rich environment.

Experience the Future of Security

Fluency Security's SIEM is reshaping the landscape of security solutions with two pioneering features: Multi-Tenancy and Agentless Deployment. 


Fluency Security's SIEM features robust multi-tenancy capabilities. Client data is hosted in the closest AWS Region to their origin for optimal performance. While all data remains in-country to ensure privacy compliance, only specific results are elevated to our Global site. Analysts, regardless of client location, experience streamlined operations by drilling down from the Global results site into individual private client instances, all while logging into a singular master Global site.

"The team developing and supporting the tool is great. They are accommodating and responsive and always take the time to listen to concerns, feature requests or queries.


The tool is easy to deploy and has a very short runway to start delivering valuable results and insights."

Tim W.

Global Director of Security Operations

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Resources to Help You Get Started

Check out the documentation section and get started with Fluency today. 
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