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Bolstering Security Architecture for a Publicly Traded Insurance Organization with a Market Capitalization of $3.26 Billion

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Holistic Security Vision

Leveraging Fluency’s sensor technology, the organization achieved a comprehensive view of their network, addressing and rectifying gaps in their previously established security architecture.

Enhanced Alert System

Through the Fluency® collaboration, the company identified and resolved issues with their existing Splunk system, which was truncating important alerts, thereby boosting their alert detection and reporting efficiency.

Detection of  Violations

Fluency® was instrumental in detecting unauthorized application usage that went against corporate policies, an issue that was previously undetected by Palo Alto and Sourcefire IDS, enhancing compliance and security.

The Challenge

As a leading force in the insurance sector, boasting a network spanning all 50 states and Puerto Rico, our client services over five million policyholders and employs a strong workforce of 3,000 individuals. Despite the extensive deployment of top-tier security and logging tools including Fireamp, SourceFire IPS, Lancope, Extrahop, and Cylance, they faced a critical gap in correlating this data with network flows, a shortcoming that severely hindered their security posture.

The Solution

The inception of discussions with Fluency® revolved around exploring solutions to this impediment, with a special focus on enriching event data with additional flow information. The engagement progressed to a proof-of-value (POV) phase, an endeavor that unearthed multiple gaps in the existing detection and reporting mechanisms. It was observed that their incumbent system, Splunk, was truncating alerts, leading to undetected notifications and therefore, potential security risks.

Addressing this, Fluency® showcased its prowess by identifying unauthorized application usage that contravened corporate policies, a vulnerability that had gone unnoticed by the Palo Alto and Sourcefire IDS systems previously installed.

The Results

The intervention of Fluency® marked a paradigm shift in the organization's security landscape. By offering a holistic perspective through the amalgamation of its sensor technology with the customer's existing setup, Fluency® rectified the existing flaws in an architecture once believed to be comprehensive. The collaboration furnished a renewed architecture that stands robust, filling the previously existing gaps and enhancing the organization's security vigilance manifold.

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